Breaking your fast on board

Our iftar boxes include refreshing beverages and dried fruits and nuts, followed by a nutritious meal. All of our inflight meals are halal and prepared with care to ensure a balanced diet. Our crew will let you know when it’s time to break your fast on board. And we’ll also be serving dates and water at selected boarding gates if you’re flying close to iftar or suhoor.

Enjoy our specially designed iftar boxes

Silsal’s iftar box designs have been created exclusively for Emirates, drawing inspiration from the art of the Islamic world. If you’re looking for gifts this Ramadan, have a look at our limited edition Arabic coffee cups designed by Silsal in the Emirates Official Store.

Ramadan in our lounges

Throughout the month of Ramadan you’ll find traditional sweets in our Dubai lounges. Break your fast when the sun goes down with water and dates. And savour a flaky baklava and other treats with coffee before you fly.

What to watch on board

In addition to our usual Arabic channels, including the Holy Quran and the Travel Prayer, you can also watch special Ramadan programmes throughout your flight. Choose from A’aelat Ramadan Kareem, Fa Esalo Ahil Il Thekir and Al Baqeyat Al Salehat. And enjoy Arabic dramas like Hayat Thaneya and Bou Tbei.

What and when is Ramadan?

This year Ramadan begins mid-May and ends mid-June. The official start is decided for each country by their moon-sighting committee. During Ramadan, Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset to reflect on their blessings. Like many special occasions around the world, the Holy Month of Ramadan is a time to be generous, thankful and to spend quality moments with friends and family.

Health tips for Ramadan

Once the sun goes down it’s important to hydrate. Try to drink water with your meals and regularly take sips throughout the evening. Break your fast with dates and water before your main iftar meal, and choose lean meats and complex carbs to help you stay energised. Stick to similar eating habits at suhoor to give you enough energy for the next day.

Ramadan around the world

Experience the traditions of Ramadan around the world. Break your fast outside the Blue Mosque in Turkey. Make reservations at one of the many iftar tents in Dubai. And meander down the Old City streets of Tripoli in northern Lebanon to see and smell the large trays of qatayef – a traditional treat at sundown.

Visiting Dubai in Ramadan

Ramadan may be an unfamiliar experience for non-Muslim visitors to Dubai, but it’s also the best time to experience the local culture.

While you can’t eat, drink or smoke in public while the sun’s up, the day-to-day of Dubai stays relatively the same. In fact many restaurants stay open or offer takeaway for tourists and residents who aren’t fasting.

Iftar (the breaking of the fast) is an experience in itself. The festivities start at sunset and continue throughout the night. Ramadan is a very sociable time, and so many families break their fast together and invite friends to join – an important tradition in the UAE and around the world.

You can take part in this tradition with friends and family by heading to an iftar tent at one of the many world-class hotels. Savour the large selection of international cuisines and treats on display while you enjoy regional entertainment. You may even be lucky enough to hear the mellow sounds of a live oud player.

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